Sanelli Ambrogio and Smart Kitchen Solutions Cutlery are both designed for professional use. Manufactured in the Alps of Northern Italy, our craftsmen have combined well-balanced ergonomic handles for precise control with stainless steel blades that are individually ground and honed to provide the ultimate edge.

The blades of our knives are produced with special stainless steel supplied by French manufacturer Aeieries de Bonpertuis®. Our steel matrix includes Chromium, Carbon, Molybdenum and Vanadium, but also Nitrogen. The addition of Nitrogen grants high hardening, optimal cutting power, excellent resistance to corrosion, and most importantly – a long lasting edge. 


With almost eighty products in our portfolio, our broad range of products consists of traditional “Supra” style stamped knives and kitchen utensils, forged knives, as well as “Asian” style knives that are the essential work tools for chefs, cooks, butchers all across North America….