The Supra Line of Smart Kitchen Solutions Cutlery are crafted with ultra-soft durable handles made of TPE, that come in varying colors. When combined with our Nitrogen infused steel blades, our professional line of cutlery is sure to become a favorite in your kitchen for years to come.


12.5" Fluted Salmon Slicer

11" Ham Narrow Slicer

06-621B Ham Narrow Slicer, 11 Inch Blade.jpg

12.5" Large Ham Slicer

06-629-W Bread Knife 8-25 Inch Serrated Blade.jpg

12.5" Fluted Salmon Slicer

06-620W Salmon Slicer, 12.5 Inch Fluted Blade.jpg

11" Ham Narrow Slicer

06-621W Ham Narrow Slicer, 11 Inch Blade.jpg